Correction after changes in Eduroam from 7. 9. 2021

Dear Eduroam user,

I am once more following up on the information regarding the planned changes of access to the Eduroam network from 7. 9. 2021, 12:00, which you were informed about by emails and messages on the Portal of the University of Ostrava.

Unfortunately, for users of devices with Android the access to Eduroam does not work after the change of configuration due to an application error, even though the instructions were followed. It is necessary to delete again the current configuration profile and download a new current fixed one from the internet.

  1. turn on your Mobile data and Location,
  2. turn on the eduroamCAT application,
  3. go to Profiles tab,
  4. tap Delete profile button and confirm the deletion (this step will disconnect you from Eduroam),
  5. go to Status tab and go back to Profiles tab,
  6. eventually, allow the eduroamCAT application the access to location and to Photos/Media/Files (configuration profile must be uploaded to the storage),
  7. choose home organization – Close configuration – the University of Ostrava (turning on of the Location enables to offer the profile of the University of Ostrava as the first one if you are near the UO),
  8. at Configuration file summary screen tap Install button,
  9. fill in User name, Password and tap Install button,
  10. if everything went well, the profile will install, the device will connect to the Eduroam network and it is possible to turn the application eduroamCAT off,
  11. Mobile data and Location can be turned off as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT technicians at the UO buildings or me directly.

I apologize for any inconveniences. Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards, Martin Kozelský, Eduroam Network Manager

Updated: 08. 09. 2021