Centre for Information Technology

Core Mission of the Centre for Information Technology

"To be a partner providing comprehensive information support, information systems and infrastructure with the aim of  realizing the strategic goals of the University of Ostrava."

Roles of the CIT

  1. To carry out the analysis of information flows, structures and administrative activities and, on the basis of the needs of the University, to coordinate and design information system projects for the University and its component parts and to participate in the realization of the projects
  2. To propose a conception for the development of IT at the University
  3. To provide technical and systems support for the running of the University's information systems
  4. To create a backbone computer network for the University, to run the network and to coordinate the network's connections to higher-level (national and international) networks; to run the lower-level (faculty) networks
  5. To run the University-wide servers and other computers providing network and information services to the University
  6. To coordinate the systems development of the University information system, to maintain and develop the system integration tools, to coordinate the functional and data-based introduction of individual components of the system
  7. To run and develop the University information system operations and to provide project-based and operational support to users of information systems at the University Offices, faculties and other component parts of the University
  8. To solve research and development problems in information technology and its application; to cooperate in projects for the application of information and communication technologies
  9. To provide consultation and advisory services
  10. In cooperation with the University Library, to develop the automation of library and other information services
  11. To operate the central computer study centres
  12. To provide 24-hour telecommunications systems and services
  13. To provide training

Roles of Individual Sections of the CIT

The CIT is divided into four sections: the Economic and Administrative Section, the Information Systems Section, the Technical Section and the Customer Care Section. Each section is further divided into smaller units.

Updated: 19. 09. 2017