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Ostravská univerzita
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Czech Republic

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Customer Care Section

  • runs five units: Help Desk, Technicians, E-Learning, Identification Cards, Video

Unit - Help Desk

  • provides support for individual CIT services
  • acts as a central point for notification of hardware and software failure

Unit - Technicians

  • carries out repairs to user hardware and software
  • provides service and repairs of computer equipment
  • provides consultation on computer equipment purchase
  • provides Novell account allocation to students and staff
  • carries out repairs to teaching equipment
  • analyzes user problems and mediates communication with CIT
  • carries out basic training on the use of ICT applications
  • runs first stop help desk

Unit - Identification Cards

  • provides photography and printing services for student and staff cards
  • administers the operation of the access system and its links to other University IS

Unit - Video

  • administers multimedia equipment including records of borrowing
  • provides technical support for video conferencing
  • provides video and audio recording of University events
  • cooperates with faculties and other universities on the production of multimedia programs and CDs
  • provides sound systems and video equipment for congresses and conferences
  • administers the University video archive

Unit - E-Learning

  • prepares methodology for the production of distance learning texts
  • trains University staff in this methodology
  • creates help tools for the production of distance learning texts
  • prepares methodology for the processing of e-learning materials
  • trains University staff in this methodology
  • provides consultation on the creation of distance learning and e-learning materials
  • monitors the latest developments in e-learning and LMS
  • administers the news portal for e-learning
  • runs the LMS system Server 3000 for lifelong learning courses
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