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Technical Section

  • deals with specialist grants
  • runs six units: Servers, Network Administration, Novell and E-Mail, Telecommunications, Software, Cameras and Access

Unit - Servers

  • operates the University's central servers
  • monitors the operations of individual servers managed by the CIT
  • provides systems support to programmers in proposing and implementing applications
  • ensures the operability of its servers and user access
  • is responsible for information security on servers
  • installs software on servers
  • provides central data backup storage on systems
  • provides central data backup storage on the basis of requests by other sections of the CIT and other components of the University

Unit - Network Administration

  • participates in the formation of a developmental conception for the University computer network and the network of the City of Ostrava
  • coordinates the construction of the computer network
  • provides services for optic and metallic lines and microwave connections
  • works with other Czech universities on the construction of academic computer networks
  • administers the backbone computer network of the University
  • runs administrative network servers and essential services for the operation of the University computer network
  • under the methodological supervision of the security manager, implements measures necessary for improvements to network security
  • monitors network traffic
  • provides computer network consultation services
  • participates in the implementation of computer network projects; provides administration, security and access to CIT technical premises in University buildings

Unit - Novell and E-Mail

  • administers Novell servers
  • organizes Novell account allocation to students and staff
  • administers GroupWise servers
  • allocates and manages GroupWise accounts
  • carries out further development of GroupWise services
  • provides electronic signatures
  • provides Zen Works in University teaching rooms
  • administers LDAP server
  • administers web server for staff and students
  • administers central University postal system, antispam and antivirus services
  • administers University student postal system

Unit - Telecommunications

  • participates in the implementation of telecommunication network projects at the University
  • provides 24-hour telecommunications, administers switchboards and telephone lines
  • runs telephone services - PIN, VoiceWave etc.
  • implements IP telephone technology in the University networks
  • updates and prints the University telephone directory
  • runs the telephone charging system

Unit - Software

  • administers the SoftScan software record system
  • orders and distributes central software
  • audits records and use of software

Unit - Cameras and Access

  • administers access system
  • defines individual access rights
  • runs the camera system
  • stores backup files and provides system information search services
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