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Information Systems Section

  • deals with specialist grants
  • runs six units: Economic Systems, Web and Portal, Library Systems, GIS, Databases and STAG, Applications Development

Unit - Economic Systems
  • provides professional support to users of economic information systems (EIS - economics, property, stocks, wages, personnel) at the University
  • solves problems created by system and user errors
  • is responsible for data security in EIS
  • allocates the rights of use to EIS users on the basis of requests by IS controllers and information holders
  • cooperates with the Section management in providing solutions to specific needs via EIS; provides methodological support for the use of individual modules
  • produces templates of all forms used at the University and enables users to work with them
  • cooperates with EIS providers in parameter setting, implementation, installation and upgrades of individual EIS modules
  • participates in training for EIS users
  • carries out necessary analytical tasks and programming on EIS in line with the current conception

Unit - Web and Portal
  • cooperates with sections and individuals responsible for the presentation of the University on the development of the University website
  • maintains the University website and provides access to users at various levels in line with the current conception
  • provides methodological support and user training for work with text editors and web information
  • proposes conceptual models of the form and link structure of the University website and the information system (IS)

Unit - Library Systems
  • administers the T-Series library system
  • administers and provides training on the Ultranet system
  • cooperates with the University Library on the extension of Library services to users
  • cooperates with the University Library on market research and the selection of suitable library IS

Unit - GIS
  • administers the pass system
  • project planning

Unit - Databases and STAG
  • administers and maintains the STAG study information system
  • administers and maintains the EVAL and AKROS systems
  • administers and maintains the PUBL system
  • repairs and administers systems
  • grants access rights to users of systems on the basis of requests by IS controllers and information holders
  • communicates with faculties on information input to the STAG system
  • cooperates with users on the harmonization of study regulations with the STAG system
  • carries out data entry from STAG to the Ministry of Education database
  • manages the Oracle database for all IS at the University
  • manages the central personnel numbering system

Unit - Applications Development
  • carries out applications development on University information systems
  • participates in analysis of University management systems
  • carries out development and installation of user interfaces for the University IS
  • participates in project setting and the supervision of student dissertations connected with the development of the University IS
  • cooperates with faculties and other universities on the development of university IS
  • provides training to users connected with the development and operation of IS
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